Logistics Vehicles and Equipment

Logistics companies play a very big role in today's world. In fact, nearly all products we use were delivered by use of logistics services. For someone planning to start a logistics services company, it would be good to know the types of vehicles they use. Below is a list of some of the vehicles that any good logistics consultant would recommend.

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List of Vehicles Used by Logistics Companies

- Flatbed trailers

Flatbeds are the most popular trailers available today. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are very versatile. With a flatbed, freight can be loaded from its sides, tip, and rear. With these capabilities, this trailer has become the primary leading asset in the logistics services industry.

- Straight truck

The straight truck is another vehicle commonly used in the logistics industry. This lorry is also known as a box van, cube van, box truck, or cube truck. This vehicle has the driver's compartment, engine and transmission, and the cargo carrying unit on the same chassis. The straight truck is commonly used in moving home goods, furniture, and smaller items.

- Stepdeck trailers

The stepdeck trailer is another common vehicle in the freight industry. This trailer, also known as a drop deck is designed to haul cargo that is massive in size and cannot be transported on a standard type flatbed. These trailers can also be enclosed in a Conestoga or dry van type of vehicle.

- Dry van (enclosed) trailer

This type of trailer as the name suggests is usually enclosed and used to ferry cargo that may be destroyed by harmful elements such as the road or bad weather if left without protection. The cargo is loaded into the trailer from the rear using a loading dock. In case a loading dock is not available, the cargo can be loaded using a liftgate that some trailers come equipped with.

- Conestoga trailers

These vehicles have a rolling tarp system that when necessary can be used to cover and uncover it, providing the cargo with protection from harmful elements. One of the benefits of this system is that it allows side loading or unloading of cargo by simply rolling back the tarp.

- RGN trailers

Removable Gooseneck or in short RGN trailers are the vehicles used to ferry long or tall cargo. The reason it is called RGN is that its front can be detached, allowing the trailer to be lowered as low as the ground level to create a ramp. Its carrying capacity is up to 68,000 kilograms. Most of them have between 3 and 20 plus axles designed to carry heavy loads.

-Motorbikes and Cars

If the goods needed to be transported are not in bulk, and need to arrive at some speed, smaller vehicles such as motorbikes and cars may be used as a cheaper and quicker alternative.